In 1920, Danilo Fregnan Girardello delivered cheese, cream and milk elaborated on the outskirts of the city, by the canals of Venice. Some years later, Danilo founded his very first ice cream shop in the heart of the Italian city, and after passing through Paris, comes to Barcelona in 1940, where he founded Helados Italianos (Gelats Maximum foundations). There, he was soon consolidated as one of the best ice cream makers and dairy artisans of the Catalan capital.

After more than 70 years of service to the most discerning palates, Maximum Gelats is still working with the best raw materials, combining history with innovation, just to bring its customers the traditional flavours and new proposals that will delight the well known customers and the most reputable xefs.

Thanks to its history and its origins, which served as a starting point and foundation of his savoir faire, Maximum Gelats lives an exciting present and prepares a future full of new techniques, new products and challenges designed to satisfy the palates of all its customers.